D working for peanuts
D working for peanuts poster

Working for Peanuts is a Donald Duck short released 11 November 1953.


While collecting acorns, Chip and Dale discover a peanut that had been thrown from the nearby zoo. At the zoo, Donald Duck takes care of Dolores the Elephant. Chip 'n' Dale try to steal peanuts from the elephant, but their theft is discovered.

Trying to escape from Donald, Dale trips in a bucket of white paint, covering himself in it. This gives Chip an idea. Smiling, he says, "I've got an idea! Listen to this!" He whispers his plan in Dale's ear. Dale listens closely and begins to smile. He grabs the paintbrush and the two cover themselves in the white paint. They convince Donald that they belong in an albino chipmunk exhibit at the zoo, where they are fed peanuts.