Donald Duck Window Cleaners

Donald Duck Window Cleaners

Donald Duck Window Cleaners screenshot

Donald Duck is tied up and Spike the Bee is about to sting Donald Ducks butt.

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Window Cleaners is a 1940 cartoon short about Donald Duck, who is having a hard time washing windows and has to boss Pluto the dog around and has to deal with a bee trying to sting him.


The short begins with Donald Duck singing on the platform while his assistant Pluto the Dog is hosting him up by pulling the rope. While Donald Duck is going higher, a garderner is trimming the plants with shears but accidently cuts Donalds sailor hat and cuts his tail feathers exposing his bare tail which annoys Donald. While Pluto is pulling Donald up, a flea bothers Pluto and he tries to get the flea, but let's go of the rope and Donald falls down until the rope snags the stop sign and Donald falls through the platform and is sitting on a statue horse.

Donald Duck washes the window but after he does he runs out of water and is ordering Pluto the dog to help him, but Pluto is sleeping which annoys Donald and he gets angry at him by yelling through the gutter pipe. After many tries he finally wakes Pluto up and Pluto blows the pully rope to the bucket but it instead gets a bucket full of nuts and bolts. Donald pulls the bucket up and thinking there's water in the bucket he empties the bucket and the nuts and bolts break the window. Donald Duck gets embarassed and closes the draper.

While Donald is washing the window, he sees Spike the Bee crawling into the flower and decides to play a joke on the Bee by squeezing the sponge in the flower, trying to drown the bee in water. Donald Duck laughs at the bee. The bee is taken by surprise, gets out of the water and is angry at Donald and gets revenge at Donald Duck by trying to sting Donald. Donald fights the bee defending himself with the bucket. But Donald falls on the roped platform. He sees the bee coming at Donald and swings at the bee but misses and ends up spinning and getting tied all up on the rope. Spike the Bee flies around Donald and looks at his exposed feathery behind and decides to sting his rear end. Donald Duck seeing that he's trapped tries to prevent the bee from stinging his behind including blowing real hard until both Donald and the bee are tired out. The bee now on the platform decides to stand on his head and raise his stinger and finally stung Donald's behind which caused Donald Duck to unwind from the platform real fast and he dove into the rain gutter pipe all the way down to where Pluto is with his head sticking out, Donald Duck is trapped in the pipes and calls Pluto for help but Pluto decides to put his foot over Donald's head and traps him inside and goes back to sleep.