D trick or treat
D trick or treat poster

Trick or Treat is a Donald Duck short released 10 October 1952.


One Halloween night, Witch Hazel observes Huey, Duey, and Louie trick-or-treating. When the trio go to their uncle Donald Duck's house, he tricks the boys. Instead of giving them candy, he intentionally puts firecrackers in their bags, then pulls a string that dumps a bucket of water on their heads. After he bids farewell to them, the discouraged nephews go and sit on the curb.

Hazel approaches the boys and tries to encourage them. When she discovers that they believe in witches, she offers to help them get their treats from Donald after all. At first, she tries to convince Donald herself, but he skeptically retorts, pulls and releases her stretchy nose, and pranks her as well with a bucket of water, not believing she is a real witch. Realizing that the job may be harder than she anticipated, Hazel tells the boys she will use her magic for this situation. In another location, Hazel and the nephews concoct a magic potion, adding whimsical ingredients. After testing the potion, Hazel fills an insecticide duster with the potion and returns to Donald's house with the nephews.

Hazel sprays the potion at an assortment of objects, causing them to become animated. Donald, stunned at the magic, immediately agrees to treat his nephews, but when Hazel refers to him as a pushover, he changes his mind. Donald then locks his pantry and swallows the key. Hazel uses the potion on Donald's feet and commands them to kick out the key, causing Donald to perform a crazy dance. When the key is kicked out, Donald throws it under the pantry door. Hazel sprays Donald's feet again and orders them to smash the door down with Donald. The first try is unsuccessful, so Hazel commands his feet to take a longer start, "'bout a mile or two," and this time he breaks down the pantry door and is left unconscious on the floor.

Huey, Duey, and Louie collect their treats and Hazel departs. An enchanted Jack-o'-lantern suddenly pops up, saying "Boo!" before smiling.