D toy tinkers
D toy tinkers poster

Toy Tinkers is a Donald Duck short released 16 December 1949.


Chip and Dale see Donald Duck chop down a Christmas tree and follow him back to his house. Peeking in through the window, they spy nuts and candy and decide to try to take them. They slip in through the mail slot and play with some Christmas toys as they load the nuts into a toy truck.

Donald sees them stealing the nuts and uses the toys to foil them. When Chip and Dale catch on, Donald dresses as Father Christmas and gives Chip a much larger present than Dale to make him jealous and start a fight. Then Donald traps the chipmunks in a toy paddy wagon and crashes it.

He loads a pop gun with nuts and begins to fire, but the chipmunks retaliate with a toy cannon. As the war escalates, Donald sets up a fort of presents on one side of the living room while Chip and Dale bombard him from across the room. Dale covertly sneaks a Candlestick telephone into Donald's fort. When he answers its ringing, they fire through the line.

After Donald surrenders, the chipmunks march like The Spirit of '76, leading a caravan of mechanical toys carrying nuts back to their home.


A comic adaptation was printed in Walt Disney's Christmas Parade (Dell) 2. In later reprints the story was titled "Christmas Fray" or "Such a Clatter".