D the fox hunt

The Fox Hunt is a Donald and Goofy short released 29 July 1938.


Donald Duck blows a hunting horn and sings "A-Hunting We Will Go" as he leads the hounds ahead of the riders on a fox hunt. He struggles to control the bloodhounds until they are all tangled up in their leashes.

Meanwhile, back in the main hunting party, Goofy's horse refuses to jump over a hedge. Goofy demonstrates himself how to make the jump, but discovers a pond directly on the other side.

Eventually, Donald finds the fox and chases him into a burrow. He blasts his hunting horn to blow the fox out of the hole. Finally, he believes he has cornered the fox in a hollow log. He calls all the other hunters who excitedly arrive at the scene. But when Donald pulls the animal out, he discovers it's nothing but a skunk, and the hunters run away in terror.