D eyes have it
D eyes have it poster

The Eyes Have It is a Donald Duck short released 30 March 1945.


Donald Duck receives a package containing a hypnosis kit and a pair of goggles. He tests the goggles on Pluto, mesmerizing him to act like a mouse, then a turtle, then a rooster. When he follows the other hens into the henhouse, the real rooster challenges him, so Donald makes him act like a lion.

Pluto chases the rooster out of the coop, and bumps into Donald, breaking his goggles. Then he begins to chase Donald. The duck runs into his house, but Pluto follows, breaking furniture and doors. The chase continues up the stairs and out through the roof until they land hard on the ground. The jolt returns Pluto to normal and he grins widely, but Donald sees his bared teeth, thinks he's still acting like a lion, and runs for the hills.