D symphony hour
D symphony hour poster

Symphony Hour is a Mickey Mouse short released 20 March 1942.


Mickey conducts a radio orchestra which performs the "Light Cavalry Overture" by Franz von Suppé. The sponsor, Mr. Sylvester Macaroni, loves the rehearsal and agrees to have it shown in concert. Finally! On the night of the performance, everyone is soon ready, except of course for Goofy, who accidentally drops all the instruments under an elevator, severely damaging them. Macaroni and Mickey are completely unaware of the unfortunate mishap until the orchestra starts to "play" the damaged instruments. Throughout the outrageous concert, Mickey struggles with anxiety while Macaroni throws tantrums from inside of his private viewing room. At one point, Donald Duck is so fed up with the chaos caused by the damaged instruments that he packs his things and leaves. However, Mickey, who is determined to carry on, points a gun to Donald's head to prevent him from leaving. Macaroni is reduced to tears when the concert ends, believing his reputation to be ruined. But he suddenly lightens up when he hears the thunderous applause from the audience.


  • Clara Cluck is in the orchestra in the beginning rehearsal sequences but not in the actual performance at the end.