D slide

Slide, Donald, Slide is a Donald Duck short released 25 November 1949.


Spike the Bee is listening to classical music on the radio, and pretending to be a conductor. Donald Duck changes the station to listen to the baseball World Series to hear his favorite star Casey, and he mimes the action. Spike and Donald fight for the radio. Spike threatens to sting Donald, who hides in his house. Donald builds a fake radio with a dynamite stick and when it explodes the bee is shaken up. Donald laughs at him and runs around the bases. The Bee gets revenge by pointing his stinger at Donald. Donald Duck slides for home base but his butt slides into the Bee's stinger and he jumps and yells.

The radio announcer says that Casey is out. This angers Donald so he goes into his house to take a shower. Spike locks Donald in the shower and plays classical music again. Donald sees this and tries in vain to open the shower door as he loses his temper but he remains trapped. The Bee then finishes conducting the music and rests.