D polar trappers
D polar trappers ad slick

Polar Trappers is a Donald and Goofy short released 17 June 1938.


Goofy sets up an animal trap while Donald prepares a meal inside an igloo. Donald is sick of eating beans all the time. When he notices a penguin outside, he plans to roast the penguin like a chicken. He tries to lure a large group into his pot while Goofy tries desperately to catch a walrus.

Donald & Goofy Trapping Co's slogan is "We Bring 'Em Back Alive". Donald kicks a baby penguin out of the march angrily because it keeps getting in the way and wouldn't be worth cooking anyway. It starts to cry and its tear turns into a snowball. The other penguins notice the snowball coming and quickly dive into the snow for safety, but Donald runs for his life. When he collides with Goofy, they both run for their lives until they get caught in the snowball, and fall on their camp, completely destroying it. Donald and Goofy are then seen in the cages they brought for the animals they plan to catch, and a can of beans falls into Donald's mouth, making him grumble in anger.


  • The music played while Donald leads the penguins is the instrumental piece "March of the Toys", from the operetta Babes in Toyland, also known as "Parade of the Tin Soldiers".