• Donald prepares to "pay".
  • Donald scams his way into the museum.
  • Donald goes into the museum.
  • Donald enters the museum.

Museum of Modern Marvels is a museum Donald Duck visited in the animated short, "Modern Inventions". The museum is filled with various futuristic devices from the perspective of 1937. The admission price is 25 cents to enter the museum.


Robot Butler

  • Donald meets the Robot Butler.
  • The Robot Butler takes Donald's first hat.
  • The Robot Butler takes his first hat.
  • The Robot Butler thanks Donald for his hat.

The Robot Butler is one of the first attractions. The Robot Butler takes the hat of anyone who enters the museum. He'll also follow people around and take their hats if they end up wearing some again.

Hitchhiker's Aid

  • Donald pranks a Hitch-Hiker's Aid.
  • Donald's trick works.
  • Donald laughs at the Hitchhiker's Aid.
  • The Hitchhiker's aid pokes Donald's eyes out.

A briefcase designed to attract cars while the user sleeps. If a car drives by, the brief case opens to release a robot that flashes the word stop from the area where it's mouth is. It appears not to take kindly to being tricked or laughed at.

Automatic Bundle Wrapper

  • Donald as the Bundle Wrapper prepares to wrap him up.
  • Donald gets wrapped up by the bundle wrapper.
  • Donald's wrapped up.
  • A ribbon's tied around Donald.

A large table that takes the object directly in front of it and wraps it in clear plastic before putting a ribbon around it and depositing the package down a slide. It is dangerous as it takes anything in front of it, living or inanimate.

Robot Nurse Maid

  • Donald tries out the Robot Nurse Maid.
  • Donald has fun.
  • Donald sings along with the nurse maid.
  • The nurse maid plays with Donald.

A baby buggy designed to care for infants. It sings lullabies, plays with the babies, tickles them, and plays This Little Piggy with them. It also produces milk to feed the baby. The Nurse Maid also has a belt to stop the baby from falling out. The Nurse Maid also changes diapers. The only problem is when the Nurse Maid gives milk, it takes a bottle and slams the bottom of it, spraying the baby with milk.

Mechanical Barber Chair

  • Donald gets trapped upside down in an automatic barber's chair.
  • The barber chair feels Donald's butt, thinking it's hair.
  • "Getting a little thin on top."
  • A hot towel's put on Donald's rear.

A fully automated barber's chair that costs 25 cents. The barber chair takes the customer's hat, clamps them in, and begins cutting their hair while a pair of hands at the bottom shine the customer's shoes. Apparently, if the chair tosses someone up, and they end up upside down in the chair, the barber will work on the customer's rear while the hands shine the person's face or hands.


  • "Modern Inventions" - 1937