• Donald scams his way into the museum.
  • Donald goes into the museum.
  • Donald enters the museum.
  • Donald looks around the museum.

Modern Inventions is a Donald Duck short released 29 May 1937 and directed by Jack King.


  • Donald meets the Robot Butler.
  • The Robot Butler takes Donald's first hat.
  • The Robot Butler takes his first hat.
  • The Robot Butler thanks Donald for his hat.

Donald Duck visits "The Museum of Modern Marvels", which showcases various futuristic electronic appliances and inventions. In the museum, Donald encounters and struggles with many strange and whimsical machines, all of which seem to be against him. A running gag throughout the picture has the Robot Butler appearing to take away Donald's hat, with the words "Your Hat, Sir." After encountering a robotic hitch-hiker, a wrapping machine and a fully-automated baby carriage, the short ends when Donald attempts to scam a robotic barber chair and winds up getting a haircut on his behind and a shoe-shined bill.

The Machines

  • Donald pranks a Hitch-Hiker's Aid.
  • Donald's trick works.
  • Donald laughs at the Hitchhiker's Aid.
  • The Hitchhiker's aid pokes Donald's eyes out.

Donald struggles with various inventions and robots throughout the cartoon, including

  • Donald as the Bundle Wrapper prepares to wrap him up.
  • Donald gets wrapped up by the bundle wrapper.
  • Donald's wrapped up.
  • A ribbon's tied around Donald.

The Hats

  • Donald tries out the Robot Nurse Maid.
  • Donald has fun.
  • Donald sings along with the nurse maid.
  • The nurse maid plays with Donald.

Throughout the cartoon, Donald magically pulls hats out of thin air to replace those taken by the Robot Butler (often followed by "So!"). These include:


  • Donald gets trapped upside down in an automatic barber's chair.
  • The barber chair feels Donald's butt, thinking it's hair.
  • "Getting a little thin on top."
  • A hot towel's put on Donald's rear.

The scene where Donald's tail feather cut by the mechanical barber chair is mentioned in House of Mouse, with Goofy and Minnie talking about it and Mickey mentioning the actual episode.