D mickeys service station
D mickeys service station poster

Mickey's Service Station is a Mickey Mouse short released 16 March 1935.


Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy are working on a car at the service station. Soon Peg-Leg Pete comes by, and angrily demands that they fix a squeak in his tire. He tells them that if they don't get the job done in ten minutes, they'll have their heads cut off. Scared by the thought, the inept mechanics quickly get to work. Goofy and Donald pull each other through the car's lights, Mickey gets stuck in a tire several times, and Goofy pulls out pieces of the car's engine.

Finally Mickey squeezes a grasshopper out of the tire. The trio chase it with hammers and wrenches, smashing more of the car until Mickey realizes their ten minutes are almost up. They quickly put the pieces back together as best they can. Mickey gets in the driver's seat to test the engine, but Goofy accidentally hits a lever raising the hoist. It pops completely out but Goofy grabs the base of the hoist in his shirt, balancing Mickey and the car atop it.

The weight makes Goofy wobble. As he stumbles around trying to keep the whole works from crashing down, he gets his foot stuck in a bucket. As soon as he shakes the bucket off, he steps on a mechanic's creeper and begins to roll. He bangs into Donald, who caroms into a barrel of oil, which splatters everywhere. Goofy slides around on the oil until he trips and drops the hoist, right back into its hole. Just then, Pete arrives. He pushes Mickey aside and gets into the car. They tiptoe away while Pete tries to start it. The engine goes wild with pistons and parts bonking and poking him and the car explodes in a shower of parts until only the engine is remaining. It takes on a life of its own like a bull on four piston "legs" and chases Pete away.