• Donald asks the automatic barber chair for the works.
  • Donald prepares to enjoy his haircut.
  • The barber chair flips Donald.
  • Donald gets trapped upside down in an automatic barber's chair.

The Mechanical Barber Chair is an attraction at the Museum of Modern Marvels from "Modern Inventions". It costs 25 cents for a haircut.



  • The barber chair feels Donald's butt, thinking it's hair.
  • "Getting a little thin on top."
  • A hot towel's put on Donald's rear.
  • The towel was too hot.

When giving a haircut, the barber chair clamps the customer into the chair and puts an apron around him or her. The barber chair then begins cutting the customer's hair as he makes small talk with him or her. After that, the chair gets a feel for the customer's hair and puts a hot towel on their head. After that, the chair fashions the customer's hair into some style and sprays them with cologne before letting them go.

Shoe Shine

  • Donald screams to be let out.
  • Donald's face gets shined.
  • Donald scrams for help.
  • Donald Duck cries out from the towel heating his rear.

Once the customer is clamped in, a pair of hands begins brushing his or her shoes. After that, the arms cover the shoe with shoe polish and begins shining them with a cloth until the haircut is over.


  • Donald is finally released from the barber chair.
  • Donald looks at his trimmed and hatted rear with his shined face.
  • Donald moodily puts his hat back on.
  • The Robot Butler takes Donald's last hat.

Apparently, if the chair tosses someone up, and they end up upside down in the chair, the barber will work on the customer's rear, if they have fur or feathers, while the hands shine the person's face or hands.


The barber chair is perfectly friendly and calm with a good sense of humor.


  • "Modern Inventions" - 1937