D hook lion
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Hook, Lion and Sinker is a Donald Duck short released 1 September 1950.


Louie the Mountain Lion is sitting in a tree, fishing. His son comes out of their nearby den and playfully pounces onto the bait to trick his father into thinking he has caught a fish. When Louie reels his son in, he gives him a mild pummeling and returns to his fishing spot. His son comes back out and sees Donald Duck returning to his house with a catch of fish. As Donald walks up the dock, he accidentally drops one of his fish, and Louie's son fetches it and brings it back to his dad. Louie, meanwhile, snags a fish of his own, but upon seeing the much larger fish his son has brought, he decides to go to Donald's house to get more. They see the fish through the kitchen window, but Louie stops his son from going in after them, pointing out three lion heads and a shotgun mounted on the wall. Louie tries to reach the fish cooking on the stove, but Donald lifts off a stove lid and Louie accidentally grabs a hot coal instead. His son laughs at this, but Louie quiets him and tries again. Before he can reach in the window, Donald points his shotgun out of it and fires as Louie runs away.

After his son removes the pellets from Louie's butt, the lions return. Louie sends the cub in through the firewood box. Donald quickly catches him and throws him out the window. He complains loudly until Louie stuffs him in a barrel so he won't have to listen to him. Then Louie has a brainstorm and fetches his fishing rod. He lowers his hook through a hole in the roof and hauls up fish after fish until he hooks the fish Donald is holding and yanks him up against the ceiling. Louie's next catch is Donald's shotgun, which shoots him again.

Now sitting on the barrel, his son removes the shot from Louie's butt from inside the barrel. The cub distracts Donald at the front door while his dad grabs fish through the window. His son quickly returns and Louie passes fish after fish to him. When the fish run out, he keeps reaching, accidentally grabbing Donald's hat, then his sailor suit, then Donald himself, and finally the shotgun. He passes them each to his son, who tosses them all behind him until Donald gets his gun and clothes back. He takes aim at the cub, who pushes the gun barrel so it points at Louie's butt once again. When he fires, Louie tries to outrun the pellets, but they seem to have a mind of their own, following his twists and turns. When he runs into his cave, and the pellets follow him, he accepts his fate and braces for impact, then waits for his son's help once more.