D grin and bear it
D grin and bear it poster

Grin and Bear It is a Donald Duck short released 13 August 1954.


Donald Duck is on his way to Brownstone National Park to have "fun, fun, fun." Meanwhile, the park ranger gathers all the bears and assigns each of them to associate with a park visitor; any bear who commits a crime in the park will suffer "the supreme penalty," becoming a bearskin rug. When all the bears pick their visitor, Humphrey is stuck with Donald. He begs for some of Donald's food by dancing but to no avail. He does earn Donald's attention when helping him set up his picnic and assorting his sandwiches for him, but goes unrewarded for this too. Humphrey finally helps himself to some of Donald's food, mistakenly swallowing a hot red pepper, then cools down by drinking from a nearby waterfall. Donald then leaves the park, so Humphrey follows him out onto the road, draws a tire mark on himself, and makes Donald believe he ran him over. Donald gives Humphrey his food, but soon realizes he has been tricked. Donald then calls for the ranger, and he and Humphrey fight with each other and drop all the food on the road, and the ranger assigns them to clean it up. In the process, the ranger tries to steal the ham, but gets caught by Donald and Humphrey, who shake their fingers at him to remind him that stealing is prohibited.