D frank duck

Frank Duck Brings 'Em Back Alive is a Donald & Goofy short released 1 November 1946.


Goofy is a wild man living in the jungle, who swings gracefully from vine to vine like Tarzan.

Employed by the Ajax Circus to find such a wild man, Frank Duck (Donald) arrives in the jungle on a river boat. After Goofy bungles an attempt to kill Frank, Frank presents him with a contract which the wild man eats. Frank tries to capture the wild man and put him into a cage, but the wild man escapes and helps Frank load the empty cage onto his boat.

Frank angrily returns with the cage and continues to chase the wild man, right into a lion's den. In the ensuing chaos, Frank and the wild man find themselves wearing each other's clothes. The wild man takes advantage of the situation and commandeers Frank's boat, while Frank is left in the jungle to assume the role of a new wild man.


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