Donald and Pluto is a Donald Duck short released 12 September 1936.


Donald Duck is a plumber fixing pipes in the basement of a house, while Pluto happens to also be there trying to enjoy a juicy bone lunch. Although no house owner is ever revealed, it can be assumed that perhaps the pair are at Mickey's home. The cartoon revolves around a running magnet gag which causes mischief and mayhem for Pluto and Donald.


  • This is the first time since his debut in "The Wise Little Hen" that Donald appears in a cartoon without Mickey Mouse.
  • This is the first Disney cartoon in which Donald and Pluto star together.
  • This cartoon showcases anew design for Donald Duck, which includes a slimmer body, shorter neck, rounder feet, and a shorter bill.


  • Donald works on the pipe.
  • Pluto chases after a dog bone and plate stuck to his rear after accidentally swallowing a magnet.
  • Pluto gets spooked and rushes out.
  • Donald falls into a washing machine.
  • The machine begins washing Donald.
  • The machine continues to wash Donald.
  • Donald Duck believes he's found Pluto.
  • Donald shouts for Pluto to come out.
  • Donald prepares to force Pluto out.
  • Donald gets trapped in his tools and Pluto's bone.
  • Pluto enjoys his bone.
  • Pluto then licks Donald.