D gorilla

Donald Duck and the Gorilla is a Donald Duck short released 31 March 1944.


One stormy night, Donald Duck and his nephews hear the radio announcer, Breckenridge, notify the listeners that a gorilla named Ajax has escaped from the city zoo. The nephews pale with fright, and Donald laughs at them. As a prank, Donald frightens his nephews with gorilla hands to make it seem as if he is Ajax. To get revenge on their uncle, the nephews dress up in a gorilla suit and also eat Donald's lollipop while Donald isn't watching.

At the same time, the real Ajax appears in front of the window and breaks into the house. Ajax lets out an enormous roar, but Donald momentarily assumes that Ajax is the triplets in disguise again, until he spots them. When the radio says you can master any wild animal by looking them straight in the eye, Donald stares at Ajax's eye, which forms a tombstone reading "Here lies a dead duck". As Ajax is about to bite Donald, Donald shoves an umbrella into Ajax's mouth. Donald and his nephews quietly tiptoe away but Donald unfortunately crosses paths with Ajax, and Ajax starts chasing Donald.

Ajax chases Donald through the house, causing a lot of havoc, and they finally meet up on the gateleg table. Ajax pushes the table to try to flatten Donald and bite Donald's tail, but it pokes Ajax in the eye. With the advice of the radio announcer, the nephews use tear gas to stop Ajax, and it successfully subdues him, but affects Donald as well. Tearing up, Ajax and Donald console one another.