Donald Duck's Rhapsody

Directed by:

Byron Howard

Produced by:

John Lasseter


Bret Iwan
Clarence Nash

Production company:

Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Animation Studios


Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Release dates:

November 23, 2016 (with Moana)

Running time:

6 minutes

Donald Duck's Rhapsody is a 2016 theatrical 3D computer-animated short film starring Clarence Nash as Donald Duck (via an archive recording of a song, "Donald Duck Theme Song", which was recorded in the 1930s by Capitol Records) and Bret Iwan as Mickey Mouse. It was released 23 November 2016 in front of Moana. The short has been released on home video. This short is currently the last cartoon to feature Nash as the voice of Donald.


The film stars the two Mickey Mouse gang characters Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Mickey (Bret Iwan) goes to perform an music show starring Donald (Clarence Nash) and his friends kick in, promoting Donald to chase Mickey throughout the short while Donald screams to the tune of his theme song, initially unaware of Mickey, but at the end of the short, Donald realizes danger for decades to come.


This short was initially schedule to be released theatrically preceding Zootopia in March, but the animation studio decided that Crazy Hair Dude was more suitable for the film starring animals.


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