D off day
D off day poster

Donald's Off Day is a Donald Duck short released 8 December 1944.


Donald notices it's a sunny day outside. He feels excited and scurries to get ready to play golf. However, as soon as he leaves his house a rainy thunderstorm comes crashing down. Frustrated, he takes it out on Huey, Louie and Dewey. They decide to play a trick on him. As it continues to rain, Donald rummages through a medical book to pass the time. The nephews manage to fool him into believing he is terminally ill. As Donald is laid to rest on his couch they sneak a little toy rabbit on an air pump underneath his blanket and start pumping air into it. Donald assumes it's his heart beating overtime and fears he's about to die. Eventually he discovers he's been fooled all along and wants to punish Huey, Louie and Dewey. Then the sun returns and Donald is immediately distracted. He runs outside with his golf gear, only for the thundery weather to return immediately, and he is struck by lightning.