D golf game
D golf game poster

Donald's Golf Game is a Donald Duck short released 4 November 1938.


Donald Duck is golfing with his nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie as caddies. They build a tee of sand and Donald prepares to swing. He demands silence from the boys, but is interrupted by a tweeting songbird. Donald tells the bird to be quiet and it does. Before Donald can swing, he is interrupted again, this time by his nephews blowing their noses. Angrily, Donald hushes them and pins their bills shut, but a trio of sneezes have them pelting Donald, one pinching his tail. In a rage, Donald breaks his club. The caddies fetch another from his golf bag, but it's a trick club. Donald swings only to find that the "club" is actually a net which has caught his ball. Donald gets another trick club which becomes an umbrella, squirting out a little "rain", and then a fake bee.

Unable to stand the tricks any longer, Donald orders his nephews off the field. They soon find a grasshopper, however, and put it in a ball to make another trick for their uncle, replacing it for his ball on the green. Donald putts the ball straight toward the hole, but it hops over and bounces away. Donald chases it into the pond. Huey, Dewey, and Louie offer him a raft to follow it but before he can catch it, they pull a valve making the raft deflate. Donald flips upside-down into the water and hits the ball. Back on dry land, he investigates the ball and discovers the grasshopper. It spits in his face and hops away. Donald tries to follow it, but gets tangled up in his deflated raft, which is still around his waist. His nephews then begin playing their own game, combining golf with billiards and croquet. Furious after they walk over him, Donald breaks free of the raft, grabs a club from the bag, and throws at them. However, it's another trick club which boomerangs back and knocks him into the hole.