D double trouble

Donald's Double Trouble is a Donald Duck short released 28 June 1946.


Donald Duck is inside a telephone booth calling Daisy, who scolds him for a lack of manners and criticizes him for his poor use of the English language and threatens to end their relationship if Donald doesn't learn to speak proficiently. She slams the phone down and the telephone booth literally explodes.

Fearing that he will lose Daisy, Donald wanders through the streets to figure out a solution when he meets a look-alike British-accented duck with a more pleasant voice and temper than him. He offers his double money to impersonate him in order to win back Daisy.

The plan goes awry when the look-alike falls for Daisy. For the rest of the date, Donald tries everything to prevent them from getting closer and win back Daisy himself.

Donald follows them to an amusement park. In the tunnel of love, he begs the look-alike to stop but is pushed underwater. Donald, now soaked and infuriated, storms into the tunnel and a massive and brutal fight ensues.

At the exit of the tunnel, Donald and the look-alike are holding hands with closed eyes romantically, mistaking each other for Daisy. Both are shocked and when Daisy walks outside the tunnel, completely drenched, angrily ranting at them. Donald and his double run away as Daisy continues to yell at them.