D decision

Donald's Decision is a WWII propaganda short released 11 January 1942.


As Donald Duck relaxes in his hammock, a radio program encourages purchasing war savings certificates, but Don merely yawns and says, "Tomorrow." His conscience appears as a angel and urges him to get his piggy bank out to buy war savings certificates that will ensure the United Nations' victory.

Donald's other side appears as a demon, telling Donald to "have a good time and spend his money on himself." When the good side argues that "everyone must do his share," the bad side boots Donald's good side into the nearby lake. Furious, the angel storms into the sky and dive-bombs the devil, sending him to an early grave.

Steering Donald on his rightful path to the post office, the good side makes Donald buy his war savings certificates. Immediately, a series of posters and war messages reinforce the message to "Invest in Victory."


  • This short is one of four commissioned by the National Film Board of Canada to promote the Canadian War Savings Plan.