D don donald

Don Donald is a Mickey Mouse cartoon first released 9 January 1937. It was Donald Duck's first headliner cartoon, and introduced Donna Duck (the precursor to Daisy Duck) as Donald's girlfriend. Clarence Nash voices both since Donna's voice is the same as Donald's an octave higher. The short also notably features the first appearance of the car that would become 313, Donald's vehicle of transportation in the comics.


In Mexico, Don Donald is going to greet his girlfriend Donna. Donald rides a donkey and lets Donna ride it also, but unfortunately Donna hates the animal. Seemingly blowing his chances with Donna, Donald gets angry at his donkey and calls it a jackass, then he sees a flashy new red car on sale. Donald trades in his burro for the new car. Donna loves the new car – until it breaks down in the middle of nowhere. She walks away, leaving Donald with nothing but a shrunken sombrero. The donkey, having returned, has the last laugh.


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