D corn chips
D corn chips poster

Corn Chips is a Donald Duck short released 23 March 1951.


Donald Duck shovels the snow from his walkway. Above him, Chip and Dale sweep the snow from their branch, right onto Don's cleared path. He uses his shovel to lift and covertly relocate them so that, as they continue sweeping, they clear the snow they dropped. Then Donald cleverly moves them again so they finish clearing his walk for him. They keep sweeping all the way to the sidewalk until they bump a fire hydrant. Donald laughs and goes back inside his house.

Realizing they've been tricked, the angry chipmunks march up to the house, but can't open the door. They peek through the keyhole and see Donald about to make popcorn in his fireplace. When he leaves to retrieve more firewood, they sneak in to investigate. Unable to chew the raw kernels, they throw them into the fire. When they pop out onto the floor, the chips discover that they're tasty.

Donald returns so they hide inside the box of popcorn. They survive him pouring them into a pan, roasting it over the fire, and dumping them and the popped corn into a bowl, then evade being eaten when Donald swallows a handful. They beat a hasty retreat outside... with the whole bowl of popcorn! He spies them leaving and follows them. As they lounge on their branch, munching, Donald secretly empties the bowl into his hat. Chip reaches for more and, seeing the bowl empty, thinks Dale ate it all. When the duck walks past with a very tall hat, they snatch it off his head and see the popcorn. The three continue to steal it back and forth, chasing through the tree, over the roof, down the rain gutter, across the walkway, and back up the tree. When Donald builds a fire at the base of the tree, Chip and Dale call a truce and hand over the hatful of corn. As Donald proudly marches back inside with it, Dale steals the box of kernels and pours it down the hollow tree. Donald turns back to see popcorn exploding out of the tree and snowing down on his lawn, so he grabs his shovel and starts clearing his walkway again.