D commando duck
D commando duck poster

Commando Duck is a Donald Duck short released 2 June 1944.


Donald Duck parachutes undetected into the jungle of a remote Pacific island to sabotage a Japanese airfield. However, he loses most of his equipment while landing, and is nearly eaten by a pair of crocodiles. He travels down the river in a rubber raft, but is located by Japanese snipers, including one disguised as a rock and one disguised as a slant-eyed and buck-toothed tree. He mistakes their bullets for mosquitoes and continues.

His raft is caught beneath a waterfall and starts inflating. He makes sure the raft hits nothing that would pop it. When he gets to the edge of a cliff, he sees the airfield. The raft has already exploded, causing water to flow. This large amount of water splashes onto the airfield, wiping the whole thing clean, but leaving disfigured airplanes. Upon seeing the ruins of the airfield, a proud Donald declares his mission accomplished.