The Automatic Dog washer is a machine featured in Donald's Dog Laundry.

Function Edit

The purpose of the machine is to give whomever is in the tub a bath. There are several ways that ths contraption goes about it's duties, such as scrubbing and showering whoever is in the tub,as well as drying them off with a towel. 

Problems Edit

Although the machine is efficient and precise,like many of the machines, it can not tell the differentiate between 

  • Donald gets showered
  • The machine extends a table out
  • Donald is placed on the table
  • Two robotic arms dry Donald
  • The machine finishes drying Donald
  • Whoosh!
  • Donald's all clean
  • The troublesome contraption has done it's job nicely.
dogs and charecters such as Donald. This leads to Donald being mistaken for Pluto and is cleaned.

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