D good time
D good time poster

A Good Time for a Dime is a Donald Duck short released 9 May 1941.


Donald Duck goes to the penny arcade and inserts a coin to play a Mutoscope entitled Dance of the Seven Veils. The pictures show an exotic dancer until the timer runs out. Next Donald tries a crane machine to win a camera. He hold out his hat to catch his prize, but as the crane sways, the camera drops too soon. He puts in another coin, but this time grabs a bottle of ink. The stopper pulls out as it reaches the chute, splashing ink in Don's hat and face. On a third try, he grabs a magnet which attracts all the other prizes. When they all drop through the chute, some potent perfume is sprayed in his face and he sneezes them all back up inside the machine. Then he takes a coin-operated airplane ride, but his ride is very short. When he tries to get another ride for free, the plane goes out of control, and he is nearly caught in the propellers. After a wild ride, the airsick duck leaves the arcade.